Watershed Structure and Controls

Development of a scale-dependent yet integrated understanding of the primary factors controlling hydrobiogeochemical processes and nutrient cycling at the watershed scale

Scientific Questions

  • How do we develop a site-independent approach for synoptic interpretation of hydrobiogeochemical datasets?
  • Can a limited number of parameters be defined that enable tractable characterization of watershed environmental biogeofacies zonation, metabolic potential and biogeochemical cycling at the watershed scale (i.e., how much is enough)?
  • Can geochemical and remote characterization methods be used to identify critical zonation or diagnostic signatures of system behavior at the watershed scale?

Task Categories

  • Identification of biogeofacies zonation using geophysical and biogeochemical indicators
  • Model parameter estimation
  • Floodplain hydrological dynamics
  • Floodplain biogeochemical dynamics
  • Isotopic signatures of hydrobiogeochemical processes
  • Field perturbation experiments
  • Second site selection


  • Ken Williams (lead)
  • Susan Hubbard
  • Jinsong Chen
  • John Christensen
  • Mike Kowalsky
  • Mike Commer
  • Mark Conrad
  • Phil Long
  • Yuxin Wu
  • ‘Friends of Rifle’


  • Rifle Site infrastructure & Equipment
  • LBNL Center for Isotope Geophysics
  • LBNL Geophysical Measurement Facility
  • EMSL (User proposal, NOM characterization)