Tracking subsurface Water, C, and N

Quantify inventories and fluxes of C, N, and water in and across key subsurface components.

Scientific Questions

  • How are deeper unsaturated zone fluxes and speciation of C and N related to their overlying soil inventories and net infiltration fluxes?
  • How are fluxes and transformations affected by sharp hydrobiogeochemical transitions?
  • Do general patterns for C and N depth-time evolution exist?
  • How rapidly will deeper subsurface C inventories change in response to changes in hydrologic conditions?

Task Categories

  • Preparation of field instrumentation
  • Initial characterization
  • Field monitoring and sampling activities
  • Field hydrobiogeochem characterization
  • Predict and measure transport properties
  • Column transport experiments
  • POC and bacterial transport experiments


  • Tetsu Tokunaga (lead)
  • Jiamin Wan
  • Wenming Dong
  • Yongman Kim
  • Ken Williams
  • Phil Long
  • Boris Faybishenko
  • Mark Conrad
  • John Christensen


  • Center for Isotope Geochemistry
  • SBIR (Farrington, Transcend Eng)