Field Sites

Phase I: Rifle, Colorado

Rifle Illustration

Near the town of Rifle, Colorado, lies the primary site for Subsurface Systems (SS) Scientific Focus Area (SFA) 2.0, Phase I. This is the site of a former uranium mill, where exposure of uranium mill tailings led to the release of several oxidized metals, most prominently uranium, into the environment....

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The Rifle Site is made available for research by U.S. Department of Energy-Legacy Management and the City of Rifle. Their collaboration is gratefully acknowledged.

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Phase II: TBD

Phase II Potential Locations

Field Site Selection for Phase II is conducted as part of the SFA 2.0 Watershed Structure and Controls Component. Criteria for selecting second site have been established. 21 candidates defined with new ones still being added. Reconnaissance sampling campaigns performed at several sites are helping to quickly identify positive and negative site attributes.