Organic Matter (OM) Dynamics at Mineral Interfaces

Determine mechanisms by which organic-mineral associations affect subsurface C and electron fluxes.

Scientific Questions

  • How do mineral-OM associations affect microbial OM degradation rates, (thereby contributing the knowledge of mechanistic links between functional composition, mineral association and microbial rates)?
  • What are kinetic parameters and thermodynamic contraints on OM degradation over a range of redox conditions?
  • Are reactive oxygen species are generated at rates sufficient to contribute significantly to metal cycling, mineral precipitation, and organic transformations under variable redox and various microbial growth conditions?

Task Categories

  • Characterization of OM
  • Associations of OM with Minerals
  • Coupling of Metal and OM Redox Processes


  • Peter Nico (lead)
  • Jim Davis
  • Ben Gilbert
  • Ruth Tinnacher
  • Patricia Fox
  • Hoi-Ying Holman
  • Margaret Torn
  • John Bargar (SLAC)
  • Bill Moses


  • ALS
  • SLAC SFA (Bargar)
  • BSISB Infrastructure (Holman)
  • EMSL (Nico et al user proposal pending)
  • LBNL Radioimaging SFA (Moses)