Genome-Enabled Watershed Simulation Capability (GEWaSC)

Simulation framework for exploring interactions between microbial metabolic potential/activity, hydrology and watershed biogeochemistry.

GEWaSC Multi-Scale Simulation Framework Concepts and Structure

GEWaSC will mechanistically predict biogeochemical system functioning at the watershed scale by (a) representing hydrological and biogeochemical connectivity across space and time scales in a matter that honors system variability and (b) coupling terrestrial subsurface microbial composition, activity and adaptation to biogeochemical processes.

  • Surface and subsurface hydrology provides the basis for model discretization because of their control connectivity.
  • Computation challenge - to resolve spatial variability of surface and subsurface features including interfaces (surface-subsurface) while honoring complex biogeochemical networks mediated by emergent microbial guilds.
  • Simulation framework based on a hierarchical approach to multiscale modeling that involves definition of relative macroscale and microscale system components.
  • Space/time coupling of defined microscale/macroscale components dictates approach used.
  • Open source and modular components.

Task Categories

  • Development of an EcoTrait Microbial Guild Function Model
  • Development and Application of In Silico Models to Rifle
  • Coupling of EcoTrait and Reactive Transport Models in 1D
  • Coupling of EcoTrait and Reactive Transport Models in 2D/3D
  • Development and Testing of Multiscale Framework at Rifle Site
  • Vertical Fluxes to Groundwater along Rifle Transect
  • Flood-Plain-Scale Horizontal Biogeochemical/Microbial Zonation


  • Carl Steefel and Eoin Brodie (leads)
  • Steve Yabusaki (PNNL)
  • Nick Bouskill
  • Nic Spycher
  • Sergi Molins
  • Reed Maxwell (CSM)
  • Alexis Sitchler (CSM)
  • Bill Riley
  • David Trebotich


  • Hopper (LBNL)
  • 110,000 node-hour EMSL Chinook allocation (Yabusaki PI)
  • DOE computational infrastructure (i.e., ASCEM and KBase projects)