Mark Freshley

Mark Freshley

Senior Project Manager, Hydrology Group,
Environmental Sustainability Division,
Energy and Environmental Directorate,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mark Freshley presently manages the Groundwater Remediation and Closure Assessment Projects which includes groundwater monitoring, science and technology, and modeling projects. The Groundwater Performance Assessment Project characterizes and monitors current conditions in the environment, assesses current impact from past waste disposals and provides the information necessary to allow the continued operation of Hanford’s waste management facilities. The Hanford Site-Wide Impact Assessments Project performs assessments to estimate future conditions and the effect of remedial options on those conditions using broad collection of assessment and analytical tools and provides a calibrated groundwater model of Hanford for all projects. The Remediation and Closure Science Project uses fundamental and applied science to investigate waste site inventories, to develop our understanding of the basic mechanisms controlling contaminant movement and the impact of those contaminants on receptors, and to develop the technical basis for new remediation technologies.

Mr. Freshley joined Battelle-Pacific Northwest Division in 1982 as a Scientist and has participated in both field and modeling studies in ground-water hydrology. Mr. Freshley has focused his own work on modeling the movement of water and contaminants in the unsaturated zone and saturated zone for high-level and low-level radioactive waste disposal, predicting the movement of ground-water flow and contami¬nant transport in the unconfined aquifer at the Hanford Site, reconstructing the potential dose from radioactive waste discharges to the ground during the more than 40 years of operations at the Hanford Site.

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