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Transforming environmental management through computing


Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM) is a software project that aims at developing next-generation, science-based reactive flow and transport simulation capabilities and supporting modeling toolsets within a high-performance computing framework to address DOE-EM’s waste storage and environmental cleanup challenges.

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ASCEM Platform Thrust Area


The Platform consists of a set of tools integrated into a consistent user interface that supports a flexible modeling workflow. It includes tools for data management, visualization, model set-up, sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, uncertainty quantification, risk assessment, and decision support.

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ASCEM HPC Simulator Thrust Area

HPC Simulator

The Multi-Process HPC Simulator, named Amanzi, is a flexible and extensible open-source simulator for coupled flow and reactive transport in geologic media and engineered system components.

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ASCEM Application Thrust Area


Site Application experts ensure that the HPC simulator and Platform toolsets incorporate the capabilities needed to support DOE-EM’s remediation and closure decisions.

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Thrust Areas

ASCEM is an integrated simulation framework developed along three Thrust Areas:

  1. Platform and Integrated Toolsets: Provides the user with toolsets for model development and analysis, visualization, and management of data and simulation results.
  2. Multi-Process HPC Simulator: Provides the user with state-of-the-art flexible and extensible simulation capabilities for a range of modern computer architectures.
  3. Site Application: Provides the ASCEM developers and users with the expertise needed to address DOE-EM’s environmental cleanup challenges.

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ASCEM is developed by a consortium of DOE National Laboratories using advanced computing and software development concepts, drawing upon the latest knowledge in environmental sciences, and interacting with users and stakeholders.

ASCEM Affiliates Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Savannah River National Laboratory