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Science Plan for the SECUREarth Initiative

The Science Plan for the SECUREarth Initiative- Urgent solutions to Subsurface Energy and Environmental Problems (DRAFT September 2006) is open for comment.


The Scientific Environmental/energy Cross-cutting Underground Research (SECUREarth) is being formed to achieve timely solutions to critical national problems associated with the earth’s subsurface. The mission of SECUREarth is to ensure energy security and environmental protection by:

To establish the consortium, we envision a multiyear effort: In the first year, we will define the initiative, the participants, and establish a steering committee; in the second (and most critical) year, we will define the crosscutting science behind the research agenda and writing proposals; and in the third year, we will commence research. The product of SECUREarth will be a significantly funded, sustained, nationally integrated program of subsurface science research supported by the science and engineering community, industry, policy-makers, regulators, end users, and other stakeholders. SECUREarth will redefine the ways that subsurface science research is conducted and, ultimately, how research leads to improvements in understanding and prediction. The research portfolio will be defined with an eye toward identifying and addressing critical scientific gaps. The theme of the research would center on removing scientific roadblocks that prevent us from having a more complete understanding of how fluids affect the physical, chemical, and biological dynamics in the earth and atmosphere, at a progression from nanoscale to field scale. Researchers would be drawn from U.S. national laboratories, universities, and industry, and contribute a wealth of interests and expertise.